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Tech Tool Tip #7: Healthcare IT Tools

GUEST BLOGGER: Brian Parker, Technical Instructor.

Healthcare IT is a fast growing field which combines healthcare with technology. Mostly, it refers to specific software packages that track patient information known as EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) or EHRs (Electronic Health Records). There are still regular IT technicians who work in hospitals that work on PC’s, networks, phone systems, security and more, and then there are the healthcare IT specialists that deal with specific healthcare systems. For the fun of it, this Tech Tool post involves the top five medical devices that I use to fix computers!

  1. The Hemostat (also called forceps) is a surgical tool usually used to control bleeding. It also works well to extract dropped screws from computers and tiny shreds of paper stuck in printers!
  2. People give me funny looks when I pull out a stethoscope, but sometimes (especially in noisy environments) I use it to listen for fans running poorly, CD’s skipping, or hard drives clicking.
  3. The alcohol prep pads in first aid kits are great for cleaning computer keyboards, mice, or even removing heat sink compound from a CPU. The alcohol sticks are great for cleaning the internal scrolling wheels of ball mice and printer components.
  4. The paper face masks used to keep contagious patients from spreading germs, as well as a good set of goggles, are very useful when using compressed air to clean out dusty computers.
  5. You know that stretchy, self-adhesive wrap they use to cover the gauze after you get a shot instead of tape? That also works wonders for cable management! It leaves no residue and is easy to work with.

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