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Demand for “Cloud-ready” IT workers continues to grow

In a Microsoft-sponsored skills gap study, IDC examined the correlation between the growth of cloud computing and the need for certified, trained, “cloud-ready” professionals to provide support for a rapidly changing technology environment.

The study shows that across 600 hiring managers, the demand for “cloud-ready” IT workers will grow by 26 percent annually through 2015, which translates to  as many as 7 million new cloud-related jobs. The study also reveals that IT hiring managers’ primary reason for not filling an existing 1.7 million open cloud-related positions in 2012 was due to applicants’ lack of experience, training, and certification.

According to IDC Vice President, Cushing Anderson, “Unlike IT skill shortages in the past, solving this gap is extremely challenging, given that cloud brings a new set of skills which haven’t been needed in the past.  There is no one-size-fits-all set of criteria for jobs in cloud computing. Therefore, training and certification is essential for preparing prospective candidates to work in cloud related jobs.”

Read more about this study on Microsoft’s Born to Learn blog.


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