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Young Executives Drive the Use of Video

Younger executives are now advancing rapidly in the business world, and Cisco said much like social media and bring your own device, what these workers want is what will usually end up happening. What this means, according to The 2013 Cisco Global Young Executives’ Video Attitudes Survey, is that video will be much more heavily used over the next few years. Those in an IT career should be looking into training on how to work with more video users within an enterprise.

The report found that three out of five executives 34 and younger believe that they will more heavily rely on business video over the next five to 10 years, with 87 percent believing it will have a significant and good impact on their business. Ninety-four percent of organizations with fewer than 400 employees believe it will be a way for them to break down language barriers in the global marketplace and 87 percent of young talent said they want to work for an organization that embraces video.

“Today’s leaders are often tech enthusiasts,” Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of the Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco, said. “Tomorrow’s leaders are increasingly tech dependent and video is no exception to the rule.  The next generation of leaders is realizing that using video makes them more productive, helps companies reduce costs, and even plays a role in attracting the best talent available. They understand why video can be better than being there.”

A business game changer Technology reporter Dave Spark wrote on ReelSEO that video communications are a game changer for businesses across the world, as they offer flexibility, accessibility, versatility and immediacy to organizations. However,the demand it puts on IT will need to be properly managed, giving way to increased IT training for professionals to be able to properly manage solutions from companies like Cisco and Microsoft.

Spark said video has been seen as an elite and expensive service for years and is finally starting to come down in price, but there are other issues that may prevent widespread adoption immediately. Network and content security, video embedding and the ability to track viewership and edit content may scare some organizations away, but others will flock toward video as soon as they can.

As far as video’s impact on an IT career, 54 percent told Cisco they had an interest in customizing the experience and 21 percent said they are very interested in features that will take video to the next level.

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