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OpenStack for all Data Centers

A common misconception is that OpenStack computing is something used for the companies that have or need services in the “Cloud”. This is actually far from the truth. Any company with a datacenter of more than 4 servers could benefit from implementing some form of the OpenStack Architecture. A way of looking at OpenStack is that it is an Enterprise Operating system. It allows companies to mix vendor hardware to meet their needs, instead of being locked into what a specific vendor tells them they need, right in their own shop. There is not the security worry of data being stored off-site, because it never leaves the building.

Openstack is a way of orchestrating all of the components needed to run a business from the ease of a GUI. The server operating system, storage and networks can be created and monitored by the touch of a button from a GUI browser, on commodity, off-the-shelf hardware. This means a dramatic reduction in costs, because companies do not need to keep getting bigger servers, just purchase a couple more smaller ones.
Great link about OpenStack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz5gyDenqTI

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