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Recruiting Talent to Bring the Internet to Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving recruitment for the larger technology companies. Due to the recent proliferation of IoT enabled devices, including light bulbs, garage door openers and bracelets, the push to connect everything in consumers’ homes to the internet is on, and every major developer wants their platform to be the number one, Wired reported. In order to get this to happen, they are plucking the best and brightest out there to join the IoT divisions and head up teams ready to start on IoT projects. It is entirely possibly that Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training may become even more useful for employees looking to get jobs in all fields with the advent of these new products, as soon all devices will be put on networks, even TVs and mugs.

For this reason, it is smart to invest in CCNA certification training now. With the continual push for connectivity between various devices in companies and in home appliances, there will soon be IT roles for the development of a huge variety of objects and home products. By this point, there may be few producers who can afford not to have technical staff on-site at all times to give advice on how to make products IoT compatible. Because IT roles are in general moving out of IT, the resulting (small) labor pool of IT workers is going to be even more divided between those that want to stay in to design systems used by IoT products, and by those that are willing to move out of the technology companies and start working with the wider world.

With the investment from enterprises reaching over $5.4 billion dollars according to TechCrunch, the major enterprise technology companies are gaining a ton of ground. Much of this has to do with the huge surge of cloud computing companies. These organizations have a lot of good ideas and talent that can easily be fitted into larger corporate structures that are looking for innovative ways of dealing with data in the cloud. This points even further toward the utility of CCNA certification training and other educational aids for workers that want to join the ranks of the digerati. As more businesses turn toward cloud hosting, they will need to use expert-level enterprise network software in order to make use of it. This will in turn create even more demand for highly skilled knowledge workers that are able to maneuver through the cloud, and those people will only be able to do that if they understand how networks function.

Tomorrow’s skills, today
The overall impact of an economy increasingly dependent on cloud services and IoT devices is that technology jobs are here to stay, and will only grow in number. The amount of workers needed to properly manage server architecture and understand the interface between dozens of different IoT objects while still being able to relate that information to another person is vast, and the skills required to do that are only now developing. Getting CCNA certification training or other specialty technology education skills is very important for any employee that wants to move with security into this field.

Finding the way to be employable in this economy means understanding how technology is going to be used to change industry. Right now, tech is being used to reinvigorate enterprise clients through cloud computing and better data structures. In the next couple years, it could be used to realize the potential of the IoT set up a major cascade of technology jobs related to connecting all devices in consumer and enterprise areas to the new network.

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