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Create Interesting Photo Effects with Multiple Frames in InDesign

Photoshop isn’t the only program that lets you create interesting image effects. There is a clever way to import a single photo into multiple picture frames in InDesign that will give you a really cool look.

  1. First, create and arrange picture frames on your page. Consider a mix of vertical and horizontal picture frames of varying sizes and proximity. You can use the Rectangle, Polygon, or Ellipse Frame tools for this.
  2. Select all the picture frames and then choose Objects > Paths > Make Compound Paths.
  3. Then choose File > Place, navigate to and select the image you wish to place, and click Open.

InDesign places the one image inside the multiple frames and you’ve got yourself a great effect to impress your boss and clients!

Learn more about Indesign (CS4/CS5/CS6/CC/CC 2014) from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

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