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Get the Scoop on New Microsoft Products

As one of the biggest names in the industry, Microsoft has attracted a significant amount of attention recently. With a new operating system on the way and a fresh incarnation of Office rolling out, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding these Microsoft programs.

While much of Windows has stayed fundamentally the same over the years, more recent versions have taken cues from the overall evolution of computing technology – not to mention fan reviews. One of the biggest issues Microsoft has had to face is many of its older operating systems are still in use, so migrating users may depend on embracing the past.

Regardless of the specifics, there’s one thing for certain – workers and job seekers alike will need to stay abreast of changes. Microsoft is a popular brand, and having things like Windows training makes individuals more valuable candidates and employees.

Some Features to Look For
Understanding that they didn’t exactly please its enterprise audience with Window 8.1, the new Windows 10 is geared in the direction of business users. This will undoubtedly be a smart move, as many people use Office almost exclusively for their jobs.

Bigger, Better Start Menu
The new start menu has reportedly been beefed-up for advanced functionality, merging the traditional Windows 7-like cascading menu with Windows 8 live tiles.

Easier storage to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud service.

Task Viewer
A new task viewer will allow you to switch between apps and you’ll see the introduction of virtual or custom desktops, something Linux and Mac users have had for ages.

New Search Tool
Tell Me will sit at the top of documents as a type of help and search tool. Similar in function to the Clippy feature, Tell Me provides a quick way to discover features and ask questions.

Virtual desktops making an official appearance
With increasing number of remote and traveling staffers populating enterprises Microsoft is looking to release built-in screen sharing with Windows 10. The company has been enabling remote desktop functions since Windows XP, but according to CIO contributor Woody Leonhard this is the first time that the feature will be built directly into the OS itself.

Unified notifications revealed in video leaks
The tech industry is prone to hype and rumors, but leaked videos from Windows 10 seem to be confirming at least one thing – unified notifications. Thanks to smartphones, people have grown accustomed to push notifications on home screens. This kind of evolution has informed Microsoft’s choice to place a centralized notification center directly on the desktop.

Cortana comes to desktop
Those who are already familiar with Windows Phone – or have played an extensive amount of “Halo” – are no strangers to Cortana. Touted as Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri assistant, Cortana allows for voice commands to be made instead of physical navigation. Microsoft has supposedly taken this kind of functionality to the next level and will be including Cortana on Windows 9.

Be an Insider
Microsoft also introduced a new feedback program called the Windows Insider Preview Program, which allows users to get more regular preview builds and provide frequent feedback to Microsoft.

Keeping Up with Changes
Like other developments in technology, it will be important for professionals to have applicable understanding. In the enterprise realm, IT staffers are going to need to be up-to-speed on how these new features will work, as they will most likely be turned to for extensive assistance. Windows training and Microsoft Office certifications are also great ways to keep in-step with the techniques that make resumes stand out for those potential job seekers. With so much fierce competition out there for work, it is essential to take the steps that will show diligence and interest in growing as an employee. As such, modern workers – potential or otherwise – will need to be prepared to adapt in the face of change.


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