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New Horizons Crowned CompTIA Outstanding Partner of the Year

Outstanding. A word that simply means to be exceptionally good. To be exceptionally good, you must stand out. To stand out, you must possess phenomenal potentials. That is exactly what New Horizons Computer Learning Centers has done.

Receiving Top Honors
This month, New Horizons has been awarded the 2016 Outstanding Partner Award in the Platinum Partner Category by CompTIA, the leading global provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications. Held annually, the CompTIA Partner Summit serves to identify partners from all over the world in multiple categories of excellence. Their partnership awards recognize partners who have exhibited a genuine commitment in collaborating with CompTIA year-in and year-out. Regularly exploring new and innovative ways to teach CompTIA’s vendor-neutral certifications are among the many reasons why this award was bestowed upon New Horizons.

“We are so honored to receive this award from such a highly admired organization as CompTIA,” adds Mark Kassing, product specialist for New Horizons Computer Learning Centers/ 5 Point Enterprises franchise group. “Our partnership with CompTIA continues to be so beneficial because of their commitment and alignment to the New Horizons mission: ‘Empower people around the world to succeed through learning.’  The knowledge gained by our students through CompTIA’s curriculum, world class instruction and finally, certification, truly allows our students to be more successful.”

To the Ones Who Teach
Selected from an elite list of platinum partners, receiving this decoration is a direct result of the high quality training provided by our world-class instructors. Their expertise and passion for teaching are second-to-none.  To provide an exceptional service to every student is a top priority and something we at New Horizons take very seriously. It’s undoubtedly satisfying when the hard work and dedication can come together and be recognized amidst numerous other CompTIA partners who are just as deserving.

Keith Glass, director of training at New Horizons states, “It is both exciting and humbling to receive such an esteemed award, especially considering the other quality CompTIA – the voice of Information Technology training partners included in this group.”

Glass continues, “The credit belongs entirely to our Instructor team. These individuals are exceptional for a number of reasons, the primary being their true dedication to their students, as well as to their craft. This team of training professionals works continually to hone and refine their teaching and technical skills making certain they are on top of their certifications and the real-world application of the dynamic technologies they teach.”

Get Ahead in Your Career
New Horizons provides a range of CompTIA training from A+ to Advanced Security Practitioner to Train the Trainer+. Our collection contains award-winning courseware with breadth and depth across critical technology subject areas, continually developed to keep up with the constantly changing requirements for the professional certifications. Getting an IT certification can help you get ahead in your career.

Here are the top five reasons to get CompTIA certified:

  1. Learn Skills to Get a New Job – CompTIA certifications assure employers of a candidate’s basic technology skills and prove you know how to get the job done.
  2. Preserve Your Job & Salary – As the economic landscape continues to evolve, certifications can lock you into tiered salary levels and prove expertise that stands above the rest.
  3. Ready to Change Jobs? CompTIA certifications help candidates qualify for new job opportunities, or advance your career in technology.
  4. Stand Out in the Resume Pile – Validated CompTIA certifications on your resume help you stand out among other applicants, giving you a greater opportunity for an interview.
  5. IT is Everywhere! IT skills are needed in most companies and there are simply not enough trained IT professionals to fill these jobs.

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