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Learn Lots and Win Big All in One Sensational Day

Do you like free money? Who doesn’t? It just so happens that in two weeks, we’re giving a LOT of it away. Over $500,000 to be exact and what’s better is you could be a lucky recipient of it. Ok, now that I have your attention, let me explain how you could win. It doesn’t mean that just by reading this blog, Ben and his clique are going to magically fly out of the computer screen and into your pockets (although, that would be pretty nice).

Show Up
On October 14, we are hosting our biggest event of the year, SpecTECHular. SpecTECHular is a free one-day technology open house in which educational workshops are offered, covering everything from information technology and security to office applications and professional development. These hour-long breakout sessions are led by our award-winning instructors at 19 of our 22 locations (agendas do vary per location). This all sounds pretty good, right? Well, there’s more.

Aside from partaking in the workshops, each person in attendance will receive a complimentary lunch as well as the chance to win an assortment of prizes – these include application and technical classes, Microsoft Office 365 for your home and others to be announced.

The second Friday of Fall’s favorite month appears to be a phenomenal day for one more reason.

Take a Chance
Remember when I said free money? Of course you do, that’s why you’re still reading this. Well, each person in attendance will have the opportunity to win a fully-paid career training programs. Each center will be giving away one professional program valued at $19,500 and one associate program, valued at $7,500. In total, we will be giving away over 500 large in educational opportunities.

Make a Change
Let’s say, you win one of the programs, but feel as though you wouldn’t benefit as much from it as someone else. That’s fine. By all means, offer it to them. In order to win one of these free programs, you must be in attendance when they are awarded but once received, you can gift it out to whomever you want.

Now, should you be the fortunate individual to win, you have the opportunity to choose training that leads to a career in a high demand field, such as security IT, network systems administration, database administration, business administration or medical office administration. The monetary amount will cover each program’s tuition, including multiple training courses, class courseware and the standard certification exam voucher.

Be Present (to win!)
Learn what’s new with Windows 10, delve into the importance of business acumen or take the first step into pursuing a new career path. Whatever your interests are, SpecTECHular is a unique happening and we encourage everyone to experience the fun. Remember, you must be present to win. But, you already knew that – see you in October.

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