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Customize Training the Way You Want It, When You Need It

Everyone and everything in our world today has needs. Children need guidance, we all need shelter, and of course, your dog needs to hang its head out of the car window. In the work realm, we have needs too: coffee, if you have a pulse, analytics if you’re a boss and no matter who you are, training on how to do your job properly.

As practical as the latter sounds, the challenge of discovering adequate and effective training when it is convenient for your team can be difficult. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Custom Learning and Development is a training solution to fit any criteria. Whether you’re looking to improve processes and productivity, reduce response times or provide a custom software training solution, Custom Learning & Development is tailored to your explicit needs.

Create your custom training now!

At New Horizons, we have the abilities and resources to fulfill any training needs. We can create new or update existing content. Also, should you not have any instructors to deliver the content we have created for you, we maintain a team of highly-skilled instructors. So we can guarantee you receive the exact training desired. This characteristic greatly separates New Horizons from other custom learning organizations.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other prominent features CL&D has to offer.

Our focus and attention has been dialed in on four main capabilities: videos, creating customer courses, learning management system (LMS) implementation, and upkeep and project management.

Even with the landscape of the workforce being more multi-generational than ever, video training continues to reign as the most popular delivery method. One of the best ways we deliver video training, particularly targeted toward younger generations, is through a series of micro-learning videos. The idea is to correlate the prevalent micro-learning process with our traditional video instruction, by segmenting an entire course into a series of 2-5 minute videos. Each video teaches and discusses one procedure at a time. This trending method provides easier access of information to the student. Too, if your training is static (or if your preference), full-length videos are also available and will elucidate the education just as effectively.

Next, creating custom courses is the primary capability of Custom Learning and Development. It’s your objective to decide who to train, what your training needs are and when you need it. New Horizons will deliver and handle the rest.

Think it’s time for a learning management system? Would you like for your current LMS to be evaluated? Say no more. Implementing and taking excellent care of your company’s new or existing LMS is important, and it’s a proficiency of our Custom Learning and Development team.

Lastly, if you and/or your team have a plan in place but no one to lead, New Horizons can make available a consultant to carry out and execute it.

Deliverability and Educational Approaches
Multiple methods of delivery permit Custom Learning & Development to be as flexible and unique as you need. The main approaches include:

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Custom eLearning (Storyline 2, Captivate, Camtasia, iSpring)
  • Training Videos
  • Facilitator & Student Guides

An important aspect of Custom Learning & Development is the way in which it is taught. Although we provide a plethora of educational approaches, including collaborative, gamification, asynchronous/synchronous and micro-learning, our most prominent style of schooling we’ve embraced and pride ourselves on is flipped learning.

Image: YouTube

Without having to relive the grueling boredom experienced in Business Ethics 101 back in college, here, the ball is in your court. This adult learning theory relieves the instructor of preparing lackluster lectures. Instead, they’ll concoct a wide array of learning opportunities throughout the session. No more are the days of attempting to follow along in class. Now the student practices applying the skills and key concepts with instant attention and feedback.

Results You Want
Our goal is to ensure the training we’ve provided will make an immediate and positive impact. It’s imperative you obtain the results you want. Providing the implementation of new business processes, IT solutions or anything that can’t be tackled with an off-the-shelf resolution, Custom Learning and Development is the absolute answer.

So, when you and your team are ready, think about us. Ask not what you can do for team or organization; ask what New Horizons can do?

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