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How to Create a Chart in Word from Table Data

1. Select data within the table to chart. Copy the data – not the totals. Click outside the table where the chart will be placed.
2. Insert > Illustrations command group > Chart.
3. A chart gallery appears. Select a chart type. Click OK.
4. A sample series spreadsheet “Chart in MS Office Word” appears.
5. Clear the data in the sample chart. Click in A1 to paste the original data into the spreadsheet, replacing the existing sample data. If you don’t clear the sample data, it may be necessary to delete sample data rows or columns.
6. A chart redraws in Word to reflect the original data. Close the spreadsheet window.
7. Resize the chart as needed, stretching or shrinking with the corner handles.
8. To edit the spreadsheet data, click once on the chart to activate it. Click on the Edit Data button (Chart Tools contextual tab > Data command group > Edit Data).

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