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Make an Impact: Be the Hero This Valentine Season

The start of a new calendar is exciting for everyone. It’s a time to reflect on the previous year – the relationships, the experiences, even the decisions – and set goals for the coming months. With the trial month of 2017 already in the past, how’d you fare compared to what you set out to do? Are you still going to the gym, cooking more during the week or going to bed earlier at night? What about your goals in the work place? Is this the year you learn a new skill? Or are you the boss and want to be a better leader?

Well, with Cupid ready to draw his arrows, the season of love and appreciation is the perfect time to make an impact on your team. Although dropping off a box of candy hearts at everyone’s desk might be a fine gesture, what if you could give them a tool that improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your staff? Ultimate power move. Am I right?

Back in August, we launched a brand new service, Knowledge Ninjas. This Microsoft Office helpdesk will grant individuals and companies access to interact with Microsoft Office experts in real-time to resolve questions regarding the application software. This service is uniquely designed to assist the needs of everyone whether it is a single user, department or team or an entire company. Knowledge Ninjas will also assess whether additional computer training or consultative services are needed.

“We at New Horizons are excited to be able to offer our clients and customers a support solution that will improve productivity and efficiency,” says Jamie Fiely, president of 22 New Horizons Computer Learning Centers franchise locations. “Aligning with the training we currently provide, our Knowledge Ninja experts will be accessible to answer questions regarding use and functionality when using Microsoft Office technologies in real-time.”

Not only is this service unique and easily accessible, but there are a myriad of other benefits that encompass it. These benefits include:

  • Real-time answers
  • Access to subject matter experts with training experience
  • Increased knowledge of Microsoft technologies
  • Improved efficiency with a simple, productivity-boosting resource
  • Support on applications used in the office every day
  • Affordable packages, ranging from single user to entire company accounts

Share the Love
There’s not a better moment to illustrate gratitude to your squad then now. Distribute Feb’s love amidst your employees by providing them a tool that’s proven to cultivate a more productive environment. It’s time to truly embrace 2017 and accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

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