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Are You Prepared For Digital Transformation?

Like the inevitable adjustments to our wardrobes each season, the global landscape of technology is in a constant state of change. Digital transformation is by no means a new concept, but what is becoming digital is.

You’re already aware that more and more “things” are losing their tangible form and becoming digital. We’ve been converting paper forms into electronic files for years and have the ability to sync multiple devices through cloud-based technologies. Businesses are able to acquire more and more data as well as develop better models for generating new business. Let’s delve into some of the valuable benefits as well as some of the unavoidable challenges digital transformation brings forth.

Wait, hold on. Can you back up a step?
At its core, digital transformation is the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. You know, these are things like smart phones, smart cars and even smart coffee makers. Technologies like self-serving kiosks at Target, watches that allow you to receive text messages and intricate wristbands that serve as a hotel key, admissions ticket and wallet are all elaborate aspects of the digital transformation phenomena.

But what’s so cool about all of this?
For the consumer, it’s all about convenience. The ability to walk up to a self-serving kiosk and check out on your own gives the customer a quick transaction and provides a personal shopping experience. Thanks to the Internet of Things and the Cloud, being able to pause a TV show on your phone that you were watching at lunch and resume it when you get home from work is a wonderful accessibility. Also, possessing certain “smart” devices benefits you by building personalized artificial intelligence (AI). These devices are so brilliant, they have the ability to build a portfolio of you based on the things you do and say. The communication and access to information are designed to make people’s lives easier.

Wow, that’s neat! So, how do businesses benefit?
For companies, digital transformation allows the ability to streamline processes and procedures in an easier and much more effective fashion; gather, interpret and store immense amounts of treasured data in ways that have never been possible; and create, devise and implement different tactics to generate new revenue streams. Companies are becoming smarter about understanding people’s buying cycles and online behaviors. You see, IT is no longer a tool that only one guy in the office knows about. It’s now a very integral and influential characteristic of an organization’s direction and strategy.

So many benefits. Didn’t you mention challenges?
Businesses not only have ethical integrities they must maintain, but they also have responsibilities of producing sustainable profits. With everything becoming digital, customers are more aware than ever. They know how to avoid targeted ads and make smarter purchasing decisions. They’re aware that all of their paired devices are consuming and communicating data. It’s an exhausting process of attempting to not only stay ahead of the curve and be on the forefront of digital trends, it’s also quite the task of outthinking and outlasting the competition. With the collecting of data, the decisions your C-level executives make and directions they turn the wheel are more vital than ever.

And what’s the solution?
As AI machines and companies alike are growing smarter, so are the members of society keeping them afloat by green boats coated with dead presidents. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so do the solutions. For now, some of them include consistently modifying the user experience, empowering employees to make smarter decisions and capitalizing on insight, anticipating what will happen next. You know how owning a pair of flip-flops is a crucial first step to surviving the summer, these are only a few solutions for staying ahead of the curve.

What’s your company doing to keep up with the competition? Are you maximizing mobility? Do you have a plan in place? Leave a comment below, we’d love to know.

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