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Freeze a row and column at the same time (Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007)

In large worksheets where the first row contains headers, you’ve probably used Freeze Panes to ensure that the header row always displays, even when you’re scrolling to the bottom of the worksheet. You can freeze any number of rows or columns, but you must begin with the first row or column in your worksheet. But did you know you can also freeze rows and columns at the same time? We’ll show you how.

To freeze rows or columns, you select the row below or the column to the right. (For example, to freeze rows 1 and 2, you’d select row 3.) Choose the View tab on the main ribbon, and in the Window group, select Freeze Panes | Freeze Panes. If you want to freeze rows and columns, select the cell below and to the right of those rows and columns. (For example, to freeze row 1 and columns A and B, select cell C2.) Select Freeze Panes | Freeze Panes. You cannot freeze row 1 first, and then freeze columns A and B in a separate command.

To unfreeze, simply go to the Window group on the View tab and select Freeze Panes | Unfreeze Panes.


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