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Squeezing Every Drop of Value Out of Office 365

Many people feel that learning to use software such as Microsoft Office is kind of like learning to ride a bike. Once you’ve learned you never forget.

What they’re not taking into account is that, unlike a bicycle, Microsoft Office has never remained the same for a moment. In fact, as the suite has advanced to become a component of a much larger solution suite, Office 365, the analogy has changed. Today, it’s more like learning to ride a bike, then taking off the training wheels, then it becomes a motorcycle, a car, an eighteen-wheel transport, and then a spacecraft. Users get the choice to ride along at any stage of that transformation!

Depending upon who you ask, the actual percentage of features available in Office 365 that actually get used ranges from 10% to 35%, and that’s just for the traditional Office applications alone.

The Greater Gestalt

A greater gestalt occurs when the total is greater than the sum of its parts. Office 365 now combines far more than just word processing, spreadsheets, notetaking, and presentations. Communication and collaboration is enabled and facilitated with Exchange Online messaging, Yammer, Skype for Business text, voice, video and application sharing, and the Microsoft Teams collaboration environment. Management of data through SharePoint, Access, and OneDrive. Analytics, PowerApps, Delve, Sway, Planner, Tasks, Flow, Forms, Stream, and more.

Making the total of all this truly greater than the sum of the parts requires a trained user who has been given the benefit of the experience and insight of others as they begin to take on the tremendous advantages of using Office 365. The more a user is taught up front the further along the curve they arrive.

An Ongoing Challenge

As Office 365 continues to evolve and grow, so must the skill sets of those using it. This strongly suggests that an ongoing training program be developed to keep users on top of what new capabilities have been added. Counselors at New Horizons Learning Centers provide all the help needed to construct highly effective programs.

But training alone won’t prepare users for every eventuality. From time to time they’ll encounter challenges they didn’t anticipate. Functions they don’t exactly know how to operate. Every user encounters this from time-to-time, and what they need is someone they can immediately ask for the help they need. More time is lost hunting for support than actually receiving it.

That’s why we’ve created Knowledge Ninjas. This group knows what they’re doing, have been doing it for years, and know how to transfer knowledge effectively. Users enrolled in the Knowledge Ninjas program can readily reach out any time they’ve encountered a challenge, something they’re not sure how to do. In this way, Knowledge Ninjas keep Office 365 working at full steam for you and your company.

Learn more about Office 365 education programs and Knowledge Ninja support. Call 866-702-3301 or visit Knowledgeninjas.com


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