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Automatically display emails in HTML with Safe Senders list (Exchange Server)

Small inconveniences that take a second of your time aren’t the end of the world. But when you—or employees—experience that same inconvenience every day, over and over, that wasted time adds up. The need to right-click on emails in order to view them in HTML is one of those cumulative annoyances.

Do this instead: Configure a safe senders list that automatically displays safe messages in HTML.

First, create a .txt file that stores a list of safe senders (domains or addresses) each on a new line. Save this to a file share that all your clients can access. If you don’t have Administrative Template files installed, download them from the Microsoft Download Center.

Finally, create a Safe Senders list by using Group Policy in the Group Policy Management Console. Go to: User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Office Outlook (version year) > Options > Preferences > Junk Email > Specify path to Safe Senders list. In the settings window that pops up, click the “enable” bullet and specify that path to the .txt file you saved previously.


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