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Never miss another important message: Color emails to make them pop (Outlook 2016/2013)

Whether it’s your boss, your biggest client, or your mom, we all have someone whose emails we just can’t afford to miss. Make it easy to spot messages from that important sender by setting up a color-coding rule for your incoming mail.

For our example, we’ll make every email from our boss, Joan Perez, turn red upon delivery. Select the View tab on the main ribbon, and in the Current View group, click on View Settings. In the resulting Advanced View Settings dialog box, click on Conditional Formatting. In the Conditional Formatting dialog box, click Add. Type a name, such as Joan, for the rule in the Name text box. Click Font, and choose a new font color such as red from the Color dropdown list. Click OK. Click on Condition in the Conditional Formatting dialog box. Type Joan Perez in the From text box. Ensure that you type the sender’s name exactly as it appears in your inbox. Click OK three times to complete your rule and dismiss all the dialog boxes.


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