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Force your presentation to open as a slideshow (PowerPoint 2016)

Generally, PowerPoint slideshows begin with the audience getting a sneak peek of your workspace: When you double-click on your .pptx file, the audience sees the main ribbon along the top of the screen, thumbnails of each slide down the left side, and your first slide filling in the rest of the screen. Then, you press F5 or select Slideshow | From Beginning to begin. But there’s another way!

Instead of using this standard, clumsy approach, save your presentation as a PowerPoint Show to open directly to the slideshow. Once you’ve perfected your presentation, select the File tab on the main ribbon and choose Save As. Navigate to the folder where you’d like to save your show, and give the presentation a new name if you’d like. From the File Type dropdown list, choose PowerPoint Show (*.ppsx). Click Save.


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