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Get Unified with Cisco UCS

The data center has become a big differentiator. The more efficiency, the more functionality a company can obtain from its data center the more competitive it can be.

This creates more demand upon the data center for greater agility and flexibility, and more pressure for greater performance and broader capability. Ultimately this results in increased complexity that can make it more and more difficult for a data center to keep up with the constantly growing demand. It becomes a vicious cycle.

This is what inspired Cisco to create the Unified Computing System (UCS). From inception, Cisco described UCS as it’s “end-to-end” solution, bringing every component of the entire compute environment together enabling data center professionals to complete 80% or more of their operational tasks from a single console. Given that IDC reports that the top driver for IT operations and analytics is the requirement for improved infrastructure capacity planning and utilization, having servers, storage, data communications and more all unified under an umbrella of Cisco management tools and systems constitutes a superb solution.

Weaving Yourself into the Fabric

Cisco refers to UCS as being “fabric-centric”, blending the various input/output channels together into a single high-performance fabric that can be tuned to the needs of workloads, easily provisioned, and balanced for each individual workload. In a time when most other manufacturers are just beginning to move to “software-defined” everything, UCS long ago established forethought and design superiority. For the best scaling and configuration, UCS abstracts the underlying hardware from the operational plane, enabling an environment with much more precise control that can adapt to multiple workloads that are running simultaneously.

UCS also enables increased use of analytics and machine learning to deliver assisted and autonomic capabilities. Knowledge is power, and systems can learn, track, and anticipate events and usage models, comparing actual incidents to the business intent and deriving the best outcome.

This level of technical sophistication demands expertise and skills beyond those called for in typical environments. At the same time, all of the training required to optimally manage a UCS environment comes from one place and all operations are consistent. One unified platform provider means one unified source of information.

There’s also only one preferred place to obtain the training you’ll want to qualify to work in this premier environment.

There’s Much to Learn

With its converged fabric, open API for superior integration and co-existence with adjacent platforms, business-based configuration and control, server and storage capacity management, analytics-powered engines, and so much more, it takes much to become a true Cisco UCS expert. Such experts are in high demand and command superior compensation, so the investment of time and effort are far more than worthwhile.

New Horizons Learning Centers provide the comprehensive education in Cisco UCS operations that will prepare you to work in this rarified atmosphere. Focus more on maximizing the output of your infrastructure and less on integration of disparate units from varying manufacturers. Produce the kind of results every enterprise craves from its data center. Weave yourself into the unified fabric of Cisco UCS and accelerate your career.


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