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Cloud Security and You

You’re wrong. If you think cloud computing is making it impossible for you to find a job working in IT security, you’re wrong.

From the beginning of the Cloud’s phenomenal growth, data and network security has been a primary concern holding users back from adopting. There was this odd impression that the data being outside the four walls of the company’s facilities would somehow make them more vulnerable. In fact, the common denominator of having an internet connection whether into your own facility or a cloud facility made them equally vulnerable.

The deciding factor is really financial in nature. Who can afford to invest more in data and network security for their data? You, or a major cloud services provider like AWS, Microsoft, or IBM Softlayer? No contest.

They Do It, But They Don’t Own It

Here is why you’re wrong about cloud putting you out of a job.

The fact is that the large cloud providers, and even many smaller ones, invest heavily in data and network security and do a great job of protecting you and your data assets. So much so that surveys consistently show that cloud users say they are more confident with cloud security than they were with their own.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the cloud subscriber still owns fiduciary responsibility for the security of their data. Even though they’ve selected what they feel is the most capable, most secure cloud service provider, if there is a data exploit the contract most cloud providers have you sign significantly limits their responsibility.

Part of the reason for this is that they don’t deal with your payload of data. They just examine headers to determine where each data packet goes. One major cloud provider refers to customer data as “toxic waste” to indicate how committed they are to avoiding contact with it. They don’t know what you’re saving onto their cloud infrastructure, and they don’t want to know. But the fact that they don’t know seriously limits the responsibility they can take on.

The cloud customer is still responsible for the effectiveness of endpoint protection for all of their computers, tablets, smartphones and other client devices. The cloud customer is also responsible for anything that happens to the data. This means they need to maintain vigilance over the effectiveness of their cloud provider’s security, and they have to regularly check to assure that it has not failed. For all of these activities, they still need you, the trained and certified security expert.

The Fail-Safe

There is one security measure that literally every user of cloud services or even their own internal infrastructure should always be using.

Data, whether it is being sent from an endpoint, in transit between points, or at rest in cloud or local storage, must always be encrypted with the encryption keys strongly secured. This is a skill every IT security specialist must have in their repertoire. When cybercriminals steal encrypted data without the key they end up with gibberish. Useless garbage all completely shuffled beyond recognition. It doesn’t matter if they intercept it while traveling an ethernet cable, or crack into a storage array. Encrypted data is useless to thieves.


Prepare for Your Career in Cloud Security

While confidence in cloud security has increased in recent years, any specialist who can assure security of high-value data traveling to and from the cloud, and while at rest in storage in the cloud, has become a highly valued commodity. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers teach you what you need to know to provide this high assurance. Talk to a New Horizons Computer Learning Centers representative today.


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