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Spike it! Cut several nonadjacent items, then paste them all at once (Word 2016/2013/2010)

Ever seen someone spike a piece of paper—a paid invoice or a fulfilled meal order? In many settings, workers will literally impale a piece of paper onto a metal spike once they’ve finished with it, putting it in a safe place so they can refer to it later. Well, you can do the same thing in Word. Use the Spike feature to electronically hold onto several items until you need them.

For example, let’s say you’re reading through a proposal you’ve been working on, and you realize that several of the thoughts scattered throughout your proposal would make a compelling conclusion. Simply select each thought, one at a time, and press [Ctrl][F3] each time you select something. You can even select pictures, and you can grab items from multiple documents. Once you’ve collected everything you need for your proposal’s conclusion, simply place the insertion point at the end of your document and press [Ctrl][Shift][F3] to paste everything in the order you selected it.


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