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Your Most Important Skill Set: Users 365

Many technologists refer to it as the hardest segment of the network to manage, that segment between the keyboard and the back of the chair. The users.

Yet when you follow the genesis and development of Microsoft Office to Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) to Office 365 and now Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 you come to realize that all of it has been about that self-same segment. The user is the center of the universe, or more appropriately, the users!

Leveraging Office/Dynamics/Microsoft 365 to Further Your Own Success

Visit portal.office.com and click the Apps button in the upper left-hand corner and you’ll see just how many powerful parts there are to Office. Add the worlds of Windows and secure enterprise mobility and you’ll realize that you could spend an entire career just supporting Microsoft 365. If you do decide to do this, the best way to further your own success in that career can be found in the direction Microsoft has been taking this powerful platform in.

Examine Microsoft Teams. Collaboration has always been an important part of the fabric of Office. Most recently simultaneous editing in Word, Excel, and more has blended with Skype for Business conferencing to create an environment where users from around the world can join together in one shared space to get done what needs to get done. Never has it been so easy for so many people to participate in the production of just about anything. Or the analysis of anything. Or discussion and development of anything, any time, from anywhere.

The tools are all there. Users can turn to Teams to communicate with each other, connect with each other, collaborate with each other, but somebody has to light that fire. Somebody has to show everyone how easy it is for them to chat on Teams, connect on Teams, coordinate and create on Teams.

Once they do, that same leader must continue to show everyone how to get more out of their tools. It’s not just about provisioning the services, configuring the devices, and assuring network performance. It’s about optimizing the users. Expanding their horizons. Lighting the path that takes them to new levels of performance. It’s exciting. It’s gratifying. It’s very cool. And it can pay better than just fixing stuff.

Embrace 365

With so many applications and so much breadth, there’s plenty to be learned about Microsoft 365. Not just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and not just SharePoint and Skype, but Delve, Flow, Stream, Sway, Tasks, Yammer, of course Teams, and so much more. The great news is that you can continue to embrace more and more of the 365 universe at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. Call today and get started with your New Horizons advisor who helps you build your own customized roadmap along Route 365.


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