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Use scroll-triggered boxes instead of annoying popups (Web Design)

Internet technology has enhanced the lives of millions in billions of ways. However, the pop-up is not on the list of internet life boons. In fact, most people consider the pop-up to be one of the most annoying elements online. Instead of shoving information in a user’s face as soon as they unwittingly happen upon your website, employ scroll-triggered boxes as a more effective and pleasant alternative.

If a user scrolls 70-80 percent of the way down a page, it can be assumed they are interested in the content shown. At that point, it is appropriate to display a relevant and unobtrusive opt-in box triggered by their interaction with the website. The WordPress plugin by Dreamgrow is a nice pop-up alternative that won’t drive visitors away: https://wordpress.org/plugins/dreamgrow-scroll-triggered-box/.


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