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Extending Your Sphere of Influence

The more you know, the further you can go. As information management technologies converge, so must your knowledge expand to incorporate all the components of the new compute universe. As developers depend more upon containers and software-defined networks and storage, your influence over how your enterprise does business grows along with your knowledge. Be the glue, the center of your organization’s computing universe by bringing together knowledge on every level of the stack.


Some companies still see Information Technology (IT) as a big cost-center, a drag on their balance sheet. Anyone who could help them turn that debit into credit would be considered a tremendous asset. That someone could be you.

Your Sphere of Influence

You may feel that your “sphere of influence” is very small, limited to the tasks you perform each day. The fact is, though, that the fertilizer you need to grow that sphere comes in the form of contributions you make that grow the company’s bottom line profit. When you begin to think about it this way, focusing your attention on finding those contributions you can make which would make the company more profitable, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your sphere of influence expands!

Ask yourself how you can dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness in your organization without additional investments. Take something you consider to be a “necessary evil” and convert it into one of the greatest strategic weapons in your arsenal. Turn a big frustration into your greatest source of innovation.

This may all sound like nothing short of alchemy, and very “pie in the sky” yet companies like yours are achieving it every day, and you can help yours do it too! One tool that may help you organize your thinking is called the IT maturity model.

Maturing Your Company’s Use of IT

The first thing you’ll need to do is to determine where your company is on the model:

Level 0 – Everything must start somewhere, and business IT is no exception. Companies in startup will very naturally purchase some computers. It’s considered a necessity. But most will do so with very little direction or planning beyond choosing their preferred operating platform and hardware manufacturer. Some formal IT Maturity Models refer to this as the “Chaotic” or “Ad hoc” stage. There’s no real plan, no formal management of whatever network infrastructure is installed. There’s nobody really assigned to provide help desk support. If there’s a problem, different people may reach out to different external resources.

If this is where your company is, you have plenty of work to do, but you should translate that into plenty of opportunity to shine.

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