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Import text effortlessly from other apps for your Illustrator designs (Illustrator CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

If you want to set type in Illustrator, there are benefits to generating the text content in another application, such as Microsoft Word, and then importing the text into your Illustrator file. Word processing applications provide superior spell checkers and the ability to apply paragraph style, character style, and specific fonts. Illustrator will retain this text formatting when you import the text. Bear in mind, if the text document is prepared on a different computer, you’ll need to install the same fonts (or acceptable substitutes) on the computer you use to create your Illustrator design.

If you want to open a formatted text file as a new Illustrator file, choose File > Open, navigate to and select the text file, and click Open. You may also need to choose options in a Microsoft Word Options dialog box and click OK. To import text into an existing file, choose File > Place, navigate to and select the text file, and click Place. Note: Different document formats will yield different secondary options, so set these according to your preferences if further dialog boxes present themselves.


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