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Call out your first line of text with a drop cap (InDesign CS6/CC/CC 2014/CC 2015/CC 2017)

When you want to draw attention to the start of a block of text, a drop cap is an excellent way to do so. Drop caps are easy to apply in InDesign. Plus, you can edit the drop cap’s physical features such as font face, style, and color, to give it a more stylized look.

To apply a drop cap, select the Horizontal Type tool from the Tools panel, then click the spot in the paragraph where you want start with a drop cap. You don’t have to highlight the first letter or click anywhere specific! Click on the Paragraph Formatting Controls button on the Control Panel, or choose Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph to display the Paragraph panel. Click the up arrow next to the Drop Cap Number of Lines button. Usually a line count of 2 or 3 works great. Now you can go ahead and highlight the drop cap and apply any other character style changes that you like.


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