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Smooth Path to Success for Career Changers

Career ChangersMaybe you’ve just graduated high school and college is just not for you. Or you’ve been working in a job that has become dead-ended with no further growth on the horizon. Perhaps you’ve been laid off or suspect you may soon be. Perhaps you’re a military veteran transitioning back to civilian life. You’re probably seeking a smooth, readily-managed path to the kind of work you will find rewarding, with plenty of growth capacity, meaningful work, and a satisfying work environment. Let’s talk tech.

There are many reasons with information technology (IT) professionals enjoy their work. It’s gratifying to see immediate results from the things you do, like configuring software and installing hardware. The products themselves are enjoyable to work with, sometimes challenging. One thing for sure, they’re always changing giving us new opportunities to do new things all the time. There are very few bored technologists.

You Don’t Need a Diploma

“How is this relevant to my life?” has been a question that students have been asking since schools were first invented. While it is believed that a well-rounded education produces a well-rounded person, many are impatient and really just want to get down to doing something truly productive. They know they can obtain that “well-roundedness” by simply living life.

Many high-school graduates who have simply felt that college, university, or any “higher education” was an extension of their high-school experience and not right for them have instead enrolled in certification training to work with information technology (IT) instead. The courses are highly focused on pragmatic skills that can immediately be applied in the “real world” of work. They can take the certificate they receive to a prospective employer and find it meaningful to them.

Changing Lanes

Many who have felt “stuck’ in their career have not been able to figure out how to find the time to obtain skills that will qualify them for another path. They find themselves too busy “putting bread on the table” while they’re “waiting to become rich.”

Here, again, many have found courses in popular technology skills to be something they can do alongside their current employment. They take evening courses, online self-paced courses, weekend classes, all the while knowing that the skills they obtain and the certifications they earn are indeed marketable. This has brought hope, and needed change, to many stalled careers.

Best of all, the business experience they have already gained often contributes substantially to the value they bring to their new IT careers, making it even easier to obtain the kind of employment opportunity they have previously only dreamt of.

Some of these lane changers are coming back from military service seeking a path back to civilian life that will present them with the opportunity to build families and highly productive lives. New Horizons has established leadership in providing programs that make it far easier for those who have served their country to learn skills that will allow them to serve clients and enjoy the kind of compensation and quality of life they deserve.

Careers in IT offer you an environment in which you can make substantial contributions to the success and profitability of your company, and the customers that it serves. There is a constant gratification in knowing that the work you do making information systems deliver more value has tangible, positive results for so many.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate, a hard-working adult ready for a change, a veteran seeking positive and productive re-entry to civilian life, or a mother whose children have grown and are now re-entering the world of work, come talk to a New Horizons counselor about how we can fashion a future for you in IT.

Or check out our webinars on how to proceed in your path of success at the bottom of our homepage at nhcd.com.

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