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What are you doing after high school?

As you prepare to graduate from high school you’ll find yourself asking many questions. Why go to college? It may indeed not be for you. You may be impatient to enter the world of work. Is Information Technology (IT) a good choice? Are there ways to take a shorter path to a meaningful, rewarding job in IT? You’re not alone. Here’s what many people like you are thinking.

What drives you?

Are you motivated by recognition? The respect that comes from being someone who does a job well? Do you like being the smartest one in the room? Having a well-rounded life experience? Are you more inspired by the prospect of owning big, expensive, wonderful things? Or are you simply money motivated?

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, all of these drivers are valid.

The key is in planning accordingly. The one person you need to listen to most closely as you approach planning your future after high school is yourself! Sure, you should value the experience and advice of your parents, your family members. You should also consider the input from your close friends and significant others. Perhaps some teachers have really been significant in your life. Consult them too.

At the end of the day, however, the results that come from whatever decision will happen in your life, so you need to be very serious-minded and carefully consider your choices and where they’ll ultimately lead you.

Faster Paths

Many people on the same path as you, heading toward high school graduation, hear a great deal about the importance of going to college. It makes you better rounded. Gives you more exposure to more things. Teaches your critical thinking and prepares you for better careers. All of that is true, for many people. Perhaps not for you.

You may come from a family that has always proudly served our country in which case you’ll hear much about the value of military experience. Again, what you’re hearing is absolutely true. It just may not be right for you.

If You’ve Gotten This Far…

If you’ve gotten this far in this post, then we’re probably speaking directly to you. You’re not sure if you’re college-bound. Military life doesn’t necessarily call out to you. You’re seeking something else. Other than joining a religious organization, you’re probably looking for something that you can turn into a living more quickly. Skills that will qualify you for better-paying jobs than you can get right now. You just don’t want to spend years getting those skills. Months, maybe.

Think about going from high school to high tech

We all live in close touch with tech all the time. You probably own a smartphone, maybe a tablet too. You needed a desktop or laptop computer for high school. Even your TV is smart these days. You’re comfortable with using tech. Might you also find satisfaction is supporting and servicing tech for others?

This is what our “High-School-to-High-Tech” program is all about. For those who are more interested in earning a living sooner than becoming more well-rounded, this is a good, faster path. For those who want to become self-sufficient before deciding about college, the military, the monastery, or any other career path, this is a good way to gain experience in the “real-world” of work, armed with marketable skills that will earn you a respectable living, with plenty of room for future growth.

It’s Good to Talk

We discussed all the people in your life who have opinions about what you should do with your life. Add a New Horizons counselor to that list. Come talk to one. Ask plenty of questions. Get solid answers. Bring your significant others along with you if that makes your feel more comfortable. Your life planning decisions are too important to take lightly. Our goal is not necessarily to enroll you in the “High-School-to-High-Tech” program. Our goal is to help you find your most successful path.







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