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Tech Never Goes Out of Style

Like the little black dress and the tan khakis with a blue button-down shirt, careers in technology never go out of style. They change all the time, but tech careers continue to expand needing bright, capable, well-trained professionals to fill the need. Better still, tech continues to become part of just about every career. Here’s […]

Information Security as a Career

Security breaches headline the news regularly, not just foreign interference with our elections, but customer identities being stolen, and billions of dollars being lost all the time. Becoming part of the workforce that focuses on foiling these fiends is a very, very fulfilling world to find yourself in. Here’s what you can expect in an […]

Coming Out of High School with Street Cred

Technologists are very much like doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals. You provide expert services in return for appropriate fees. Unlike those other professionals, you don’t yet have total accreditations like MD, JD, CPA, etc.. Instead, you have very direct certification on very specific skills that are even more valid than these other professional […]

Be the Doctor of I.T.

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals have accredited degrees and licenses to assure their clients of their ability to perform. As a technologist, your credentials come in the form of certifications that are far more specific to specific technology platforms. Here’s how to leverage your credentials to expand your career. JD. CPA. AIA. Ph.D. […]