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New Survey Finds Unlicensed Software on Rise

A new survey, covering 34 major markets, has found that almost 60 percent of businesses experienced a malware attack caused by unlicensed software that resulted in loss of data. The survey also found that 43 percent of the PC software installed globally in 2013 was not properly licensed, and that eighteen percent of the software used by companies in the U.S. was unlicensed. The unlicensed software installed on PCs last year cost more than $62 billion globally. Learn how you can best meet licensing regulations and lower risk.

Cybersecurity Threats Exacerbated by Skills Shortage

It seems like there is a new cyberthreat announced every day, and that may actually be the case. According to security services provider Symantec, last year saw a 62 percent increase in data breaches, and 2.5 billion records have been exposed in malicious incidents over the past five years. This may be due to the worsening shortage of IT security professionals which, according estimates from Cisco, has reached one million people.

This problematic shortage is affecting various industries. Security is everyone’s business.