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Stay green (and legal) by eCycling

When network and computer equipment is no longer serviceable or reusable, and isn’t eligible for Cisco’s trade-in program, it’s important to dispose of it properly. Not only is proper recycling better for the environment, but improper disposal of equipment risks violating the law. Sometimes it can be confusing where to turn to dispose of old […]

Avoid information overload when logging

Logging is one of the most important tools when troubleshooting network problems.  However, its usefulness is greatly diminished if you log so much information that you’re unable to find what’s important. One key to avoiding information overload is to log errors, not warnings. If you need more information to resolve a problem, you can go […]

Take advantage of Linux standardization on FlexPod

Linux standardization is helpful for ensuring that enterprise software is well-supported and for simplifying system management. Red Hat’s partnership with Cisco should help extend this process for data centers. In Fall 2011, Red Hat partnered with Cisco to offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL for FlexPod, Cisco and NetApp’s virtualization deployment infrastructure. You can find […]