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New Survey Finds Unlicensed Software on Rise

A new survey, covering 34 major markets, has found that almost 60 percent of businesses experienced a malware attack caused by unlicensed software that resulted in loss of data. The survey also found that 43 percent of the PC software installed globally in 2013 was not properly licensed, and that eighteen percent of the software used by companies in the U.S. was unlicensed. The unlicensed software installed on PCs last year cost more than $62 billion globally. Learn how you can best meet licensing regulations and lower risk.

Power-User Settings: For Their Security and Yours

Many users keep the Microsoft Windows default of “Hide extensions for known file types,” whereas power users often deselect that option so they can see the file extensions for all files. You might think that if other users want to hide extensions, that’s fine for them. Unfortunately, hiding extensions makes users more vulnerable to viruses and Trojan horses that can compromise the entire network. Change your power-user settings to protect their security and yours.