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Where AngularJS can fit into your web projects

Many companies are using AngularJS today, and you may wonder if it’s appropriate for your own web projects. The basic idea to AngularJS is that you can create advanced functionality by writing mainly attributes in HTML. AngularJS works as a declarative language, meaning that you specify what happens, but not the sequential steps that make […]


Make The Best Use Of Worksheet Hyperlinks

When you think of worksheet hyperlinks, you probably think of website links. There’s another great use for hyperlinks in your workbook that you might not use to its full potential: internal links. You can create a hyperlink that takes you to another location within the same workbook when you click on it. For example, if […]


Authenticate digital signatures with PGP

Electronic documents and email messages are becoming a commonplace way to conduct business transactions, but it’s important to be able to verify that the author of a document or message is really the person he or she claims to be. You can use digital signatures to verify identity. This is easy to do with programs […]


Embrace Change the Right Way

Change is, well… scary. It’s something different and unexpected. We’d be lying to ourselves if we said that our first day at a brand new school wasn’t a little nerve-wracking or if we aren’t a little anxious on a particular Wednesday in November after an election year. Sure you can formulate predictions based on previous […]